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"When you learn, teach. When you get, give." -Maya Angelou

About Me

My name is Melissa Butler. I have always considered myself to be a student above all else, as my greatest passions are growing and absorbing wisdom I have learned to facilitate growth. It will always be my goal to influence the world around me in progressive expansion, however small those steps may be. 

Years ago, my working career began and flourished in childcare, which I adored! Then, after becoming a mother myself, my intention shifted wholeheartedly to mothercare.


If you ask me, our current culture's attitudes surrounding pregnancy, birth and postpartum need some shifting as well. Once my eyes were opened to the reality of how pregnant/birthing people can be mistreated- ignored, hushed, misinformed- I knew I could never turn a blind eye. 

I was fortunate enough to discover an environment in which I could labor and birth according to my body and my needs. I now dedicate my energy to being a supportive entity to those who wish not only to be educated, but to be heard, no matter what the circumstances. 

I am honored to now call myself a birth doula- a person trained to adequately support parents through the entire process of pregnancy, labor, and birth. As a yoga teacher and practitioner, I enjoy sharing the practice of yoga for mothers to utilize in both preparation for, and healing after the hardest yet most sacred work they may ever do: Birthing new life. 

It does not matter to me whether you want to give birth in hospital, center, or home; what matters to me is that you know you have a voice, that you are capable of tapping into your mighty intuition, and that you free the innate power within you. 

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