Your motherhood journey- whether it's your first time or your tenth- deserves to be nurtured and reinforced in every way. As a birth doula, I am by your side each step, to give you nonjudgmental, comforting support before, during, and after labor, physically and emotionally. You are embarking on a path to care wholeheartedly for another being. Allow a doula to care for YOU with the utmost compassion during this remarkable voyage of creation. 

What can a doula DO for you?
How does a doula support partners?

Doulas do not replace spouses, family, or partners.

What a doula does NOT DO:
Did you know...?


"Her worth to us was beyond measure...When I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, her calm demeanor in the face of my uncertainty and the possibility of risking out of the birth experience I so desperately wanted, was unprecedented. She was as much a foundational element in my pregnancy as in my actual labor"

—  Stephanie C. 

When you decide to invest in your birth experience with The Birth Butler, you can expect...

Instant access to unlimited communication over email, text & phone

Our prenatal Visits:

I'll address any questions you and/or your partner have about labor & birth and help you choose birth preferences based on what is right for you (informed decision-making for the win!) 

You will get to work through fears surrounding childbirth, and learn to develop affirmations that speak to you

We will workshop effective comfort measures tailored to YOU- breathwork, meditation, Rebozo uses, acupressure, labyrinth tracing, yoga, partner bonding, etc.!

Together, we will come up with a roadmap to help you through the sacred healing space so that you are fully prepared once baby has arrived

Professional education and support from me as an Infant Feeding Specialist

Access to my list of resources as well as my lending library

Our Postpartum Visit: 

Debrief the birth and get any questions answered 

Process emotions, both from childbirth and postpartum newness

Check-in with how you and family are transitioning to life with a newborn

Virtual Postpartum Care:

24/7 communication with Melissa about infant feeding, breast care & lactation, postpartum moods, and general infant care

For those seeking the full spectrum of continuous support  throughout pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum

For those who do not want in-person labor support, but still desire prenatal support and labor preparation for themselves & partner

Continuous Photography of Labor & Birth