Your motherhood journey- whether it's your first time or your tenth- deserves to be nurtured and reinforced in every way. As a birth doula, I am by your side each step, to give you nonjudgmental, comforting support before, during, and after labor, physically and emotionally. You are embarking on a path to care wholeheartedly for another being. Allow a doula to care for YOU with the utmost compassion during this remarkable voyage of creation. 

What can a doula DO for you?
How does a doula support partners?

Doulas do not replace spouses, family, or partners.

What a doula does NOT DO:
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"Her worth to us was beyond measure...When I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, her calm demeanor in the face of my uncertainty and the possibility of risking out of the birth experience I so desperately wanted, was unprecedented. She was as much a foundational element in my pregnancy as in my actual labor"

—  Stephanie C. 

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For those seeking the full spectrum of continuous support  throughout pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum

For those who do not want in-person labor support, but still desire prenatal support and labor preparation for themselves & partner

Continuous Photography of Labor & Birth