Your motherhood journey- whether it's your first time or your tenth- deserves to be nurtured and reinforced in every way. As a birth doula, I am by your side each step, to give you nonjudgmental, comforting support before, during, and after labor, physically and emotionally. You are embarking on a path to care wholeheartedly for another being. Allow a doula to care for YOU with the utmost compassion during this remarkable voyage of creation. 

What can a doula DO for you?
What a doula does NOT DO:
Did you know...?
When you decide to invest in your birth experience with the Birth Butler, you can expect...

Instant access to unlimited communication over email, text & phone

I'll address any questions you and/or your partner have about labor & birth and help you choose birth preferences based on what is right for you (informed decision-making for the win!) 

We will workshop effective comfort measures tailored to YOU- breathwork, meditation, Rebozo uses, acupressure, labyrinth tracing, yoga, partner bonding, etc.!

Together, we will come up with a roadmap to help you through the sacred healing space so that you are fully prepared once baby has arrived

24/7 on-call availability beginning at payment completion


Three 60 min. In-Home Private Yoga Classes

Two 45 min.Thai Yoga Relaxation Sessions

Guided Meditation Recording


Continuous in-person support during labor and 1-2 hours after birth

Two Prenatal Visits

Unlimited Communication Throughout Pregnancy

Use of Rebozo for Pregnancy & Labor

Access to Lending Library

Continuous In-Person Labor Support

One Postpartum Visit to debrief, process, & ask questions about your experiences

Phone/Text Support up to 6 weeks postpartum


Continuous Photography Session of Labor & Birth

+$500 with Doula Package or $1100 Individual

"Matriarch" Doula Bundle