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Say "YES" to reducing fear, growing confidence, and stepping into your power.
Hello, my name is...

Melissa Butler. On my path to becoming a mother, my eyes were opened to how under-served our community of parents is.

I now dedicate my life to ensuring that each parent I encounter feels supported and HEARD as they navigate the individual path of pregnancy, birth, and beyond. 

(813) 470-8974
Tampa, FL

What people are saying...

Gabby G.

From the beginning she made us feel at ease. Her confident and calming nature made me feel prepared and supported in bringing our son into the world.

Marcy R.

She is exactly what my husband and I needed! Thank you, Melissa, for loving what you do and doing it with such excellence and care.

Alisha S.

She has such a sweet and strong soul and she saved mine during some of the hardest moments of my life.

Nicole D.

[Melissa] gave us critical tools to use throughout the pregnancy and labor journey. I would not want to imagine my labor without her.

Leah S.

My husband and I are equally so thankful for Melissa…She offers a wealth of knowledge and her presence is so calming and encouraging.

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