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Unlimited 24/7 Communication Throughout Entire Pregnancy  -Have a trustworthy, knowledgeable  go-to with questions and concerns (let me help you stay OFF Google!) Make confident decisions with the backing of an experienced professional who will not tell you what to do, but will guide you to know what's right for you based on your intuition, evidence, and circumstances. Learn how to have productive conversation with your medical providers, and know the right questions to ask for every prenatal visit. And, have a "sister friend" to reach out to about life in general, any time of day

Two In-Person Prenatal Visits (can be virtual if you desire) -We will: address and move through the spectrum of emotions surrounding childbirth, including fears and anxiety; learn affirmations that work for you; become educated about the history of birth; practice tried and true comfort techniques that will aid you in coping with intense sensation throughout labor; aid in writing your detailed birth vision/preferences

Use of Rebozo for Pregnancy & Labor -We will workshop how to use this woven tool derived from Mexican culture that provides comfort and physical support not only in labor but later in pregnancy as well. You get to hold onto and use the Rebozo in the third trimester up until birth of your babe!

Access to Lending Library -Check out any books you want from my library full of  yoga, spirituality, pregnancy, and birth content. If I don't have the title you want, I'll do what I can to get my hands on it! 

Continuous In-Person Labor Support up to 2 hours Postpartum -Now that we have prepared prenatally, you are ready to roll. I will meet you in active labor, whether at your home or in your place of birth. You will benefit from the RIGHT physical touch, energy to keep you AND partner grounded and calm wave after wave, a coach to keep you focused on your personal birth vision, and a guide if paths change unexpectedly. Don't want to head to the provider too early or too late? I can help you decide the optimal time to get going! 

One In-Person Postpartum Visit -A visit 2-7 days postpartum in your home to debrief the birth experience and fill in any memory gaps. I will ensure that you feel as supported as possible transitioning to life with a newborn. I can also address any obstacles you have when it comes to feeding your infant (breastfeeding, chestfeeding, bodyfeeding, bottle feeding)

6 Weeks of Virtual Postpartum Support -The first six weeks with new life is challenging, to say the least: Learning to nourish your baby and yourself, navigating the roller coaster of emotions, transitioning to the new dynamics in your relationships, the list goes on. I added this service because I know how important it is to have someone to turn to with all the questions, tears, and laughter that come up in the raw postpartum period. 

Investment for this bundle is $1100-$1200

and is reserved for 2-3 clients per month based on estimated due date, so reach out now! 


Just the Bread

Just the Bread

Prenatal Support -Get off Google! From finding a provider to first flutter jitters to "What if I'm GBS Positive?" and everything in between. No more relying on biased opinions in your local Facebook moms' group, okay? I will not tell you what to do, but I will guide you with professional expertise in the decision-making process. I can tap into my network of birth professionals, and know exactly how to find the evidence you are looking for. I am also there for you emotionally, when you just need a "sister friend" to lean on, without judgment, without bias, and absolutely without unsolicited advice!

*Please note that this package's prenatal support is via phone between the hours of 8 am to 9 pm, 7 days a week. If you are looking for around-the-clock support, see Matriarch Bundle. 

One In-Person Prenatal Visit -We will workshop labor comfort techniques for you and your partner, ensure that your birth preferences are ready to be thoroughly communicated to your provider, and chat in depth about what to expect on the big day. This is typically when the partners open up with all of their questions!

Postpartum Virtual Check-In -A virtual face-to-face follow up for you to debrief your birth experience, get support for feeding, and check in with your emotions after the whirl wind of birth. 

Investment for this bundle is $450 and DOES NOT include labor support. 

What about COVID? Can I still get in-person support? 

Though some hospitals are not allowing second support persons, all local birth centers and many hospitals are. Policies are changing daily, so check in with your specific provider about this. 

Either way, I plan to meet you in your home, and help you decide when to go to your place of birth, so that you are not arriving too soon or too late. Arriving to the place if birth at the right time can often mean the difference between having an unmedicated, low-intervention birth or not. I can keep you as comfortable and focused as possible in the waves leading up to heading for the hospital/birth center. 

Do you offer payment plans?

I do, for the Matriarch and Storyteller bundles, but you get a discount when paying in full! I have also successfully received payment with Health Savings Account, and some even get reimbursed by their insurance providers (check in with yours to find out). 

More Frequently Asked Questions Here

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